1. The company with a sample, customer and send a, don't know to isn't the same how to do?
  2. Help customer development through a product, for the price pressure to low, and have no other market, waiting for the customer the first secondary single?
  3. Often receive inquiry sheet, a copy for the, then the next step is to screen - offer a series of trival, occupied most of your working time, whether to have method can simple?

Above all sorts of conditions are brought to you confusion.Why not have a kind of service can one-time solve these problems?The distribution network in a series of service can help you troubleshoot - - - - - -
Data integration


What is data integration?
Simple said is the product pictures, many general new beetle 4, parts business number with the famous brand of the number control, product description, such as: size, general models, models of the years, displacement, engine type and car pictures are under the control to a data package, called a product data, convenient enterprise for the same products in each big brand of control and searching and management.


What is the OE number?Why does a products have multiple OE number?
In automobile manufacturing industry developed countries, each big automobile manufacturer for the convenience of the parts were management, for each car every component adopt different Numbers to the difference between classification, this kind of Numbers is OE Numbers.Each OE Numbers corresponding to the only product, but the same products, because can assembly in different models, which may have several different OE Numbers.



What is the brand number?
Refers to the industry in a line brand coding., this brand in after-sale market has strong share, brand number is well known, become a kind of everyone in the communication of a standard. Usually also is as one of the standard of inquiry.For example the shock absorber KYB, brake linings of ATE the hub bearing NSK BCA, etc.
Classic varieties display:

Brake pads

The wheel hub unit and bearing

Rubber series


Ball head

Ball cage

Control arm

The distribution network service display:

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